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Aromatherapy Sauna in Denver Tech Center, Greenwood Village

Our cedar sauna provides a great way to spice up any one of our treatments here at Lavender. It is also an opportunity to make a visit that allows you to escape from the realities of life.  Our tranquil sauna is a place to rejuvinate mind, body and soul.  We only allow one person or party into the sauna at a time. Relax while a technician pours aromatherapy over hot stones to fill the room with delightful scents.


  • Opens up pores, stimulating toxin elimination
  • Improves blood circulation, heart and vascular systems, increasing the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin quantity
  • Intensifies capillary activities
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Alleviates tiredness, stress and mood swings, promoting a state of relaxation
  • Increases mental clarity and emotional stability and provides an overall sense of well- being.


30min session $45

Please ask us about package pricing and introductory offers.  Anyone with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or pregnancy should avoid sauna usage.